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Cambridge University Press) methodology, american Dictionary methodological adjective us/medldkl there are some methodological solutions to this problem. From the Cambridge English Corpus However, the methodology tested in this study needs to be validated using additional data on similar patients and using data on patients with other diseases. Standing for Product Architecture Lifecycle Management, palma is cloud-based software to create and govern product architectures. From the Cambridge English Corpus basic methodology The basic methodology for detecting collisions between objects is based on utilizing a polygonal mesh representation of their surfaces. From the Cambridge English Corpus The limitations of clinical methodology are discussed, for example, the pros and cons of various cognitive assessment tools, and this is valuable. From the Cambridge English Corpus Collocations with methodology methodology These are words often used in combination with methodology. Advisory and discretionary management services are provided by one or more Morningstar, Inc. From the Cambridge English Corpus However, they found the methodology course itself too theoretical. Wissenschaft von der wissenschaftlichen Verfahrensweise, Lehr-, Unterrichtskunde, festgelegte Art des Vorgehens (19. Morningstar has not considered any individuals circumstances in preparing this information.

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From the Cambridge English Corpus Many nuances in the deposition of these vessels remain invisible because of this methodology. Get a quick, free translation! From the Cambridge English Corpus Rated as least useful were: general education courses, courses in methodology, and general preparation in the use of the target language. Smart Vocabulary: related words and phrases. From the Cambridge English Corpus The book makes good use of black and white photographs, has a useful appendix on methodology and an excellent bibliography. From the Cambridge English Corpus A pilot project to evaluate the methodology for specialty mapping was undertaken in the area of child and adolescent health. From the Cambridge English Corpus It was most significant from the reported participation from over 25 countries worldwide that there is a great interest in the development of such methodologies.

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Methode methodisch Methodologie Methodik, methode. This commentary is for informational purposes only. See all collocations with methodology Translations of methodology in German in Chinese (Traditional) in Turkish in French in Czech in Danish in Indonesian in Thai in Vietnamese in Polish in Malay in German in Norwegian in Portuguese in Chinese. Subsidiaries, which are authorized in the appropriate jurisdiction to provide such services. From the Cambridge English Corpus The introduction sets out the background and methodology of the research and repeats some of the important caveats about qualitative attitude research.

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Nach bestimmten Regeln geordnetes Verfahren, eigentlich das Nachgehen, Verfolgen, Nachforschen, Untersuchen; vgl. Planmig, systematisch, einer Methode entsprechend (17. Methodik Titel einer untergegangenen Schrift von. This is the way to connect strategy, products and results. Before making any investment decision, please consider consulting a financial or tax professional regarding your unique situation and consider the relevant disclosure document. Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence. Click on a collocation to see more examples. From the Cambridge English Corpus The first is the recognition that the failure of foundationalism in philosophy makes any attempt to claim a monopoly on truth, methodology etc.

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From the Cambridge English Corpus The postmodern position is the one paradigm of qualitative methodology that is intrinsically incommensurable with quantitative research paradigms. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Opinions expressed are subject to change without notice. Built on an in-memory database platform, palma is faster than anything else on the market. . From the Cambridge English Corpus The findings suggested the need for culture specific case methodology training sessions for both case leaders and students.

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Whether hardware, software or services, create configuration rules without coding, simulate the profitability of new releases and govern an information model that gives your business a competitive advantage. . Die in dem Index befindlichen Unternehmen werden nach standardisierten ESG-Kriterien basierend auf den Ausschlssen gem dem Global Standards Screening durchleuchtet. Modular Management is proud to present the world-class solution for product management and business transformation. Lehre, Theorie der wissenschaftlichen Methoden, Gesamtheit der Methoden (um 1800 dazu. Methodiks nach bestimmten Regeln und Grundstzen verfahrend. Want to learn more?

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More examples Fewer examples The mathematics of physics should be explored, but new mathematical, statistical, and qualitative methodologies should also be sought. Business English methodological adjective the methodological approach taken by the researchers (Definition of methodology from the, cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press) Examples of methodology methodology This is a detailed and meticulous study, which combines sociolinguistic methodology with a qualitative pragmatics approach. Unternehmen die am Handel oder der Produktion kontroverser Waffen, Tabakproduktion, Kraftwerkskohle und Kernenergie beteiligt sind, werden kategorisch ausgeschlossen. Systematisches Vorgehen nach bestimmten Grundstzen und Regeln, folgerichtiges Herangehen an eine Aufgabe (17. For more details, click here. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Hods Weg und. A system of ways of doing, teaching, or studying something: The methodology and findings of the research team have been criticized. Flexion fr Lehrart, Unterrichtsverfahren.

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Der DAX 50 ESG bildet die Kursentwicklung der 50 grten und liquidesten Aktien auf dem deutschen Markt ab, die auf Grundlage von ESG- Kriterien (Umwelt, Soziales und Unternehmensfhrung) besonders nachhaltig sind. From the Cambridge English Corpus Both suffer when the time available is reduced, but an appropriate development methodology can in both cases minimize the damage. Alternative methodology Some of the insights into human behavior gained from research using deception would most likely not have been easily obtained using alternative methodology. With this unique structured approach you can share rich information across systems and transform your business. Der Index basiert auf dem hdax-Index, der alle Unternehmen umfasst, die im DAX, mdax und TecDAX enthalten sind. From the Cambridge English Corpus These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. The information, data, analyses, and opinions presented herein do not constitute investment advice, are provided solely for informational purposes and therefore are not an offer to buy or sell a security. The Morningstar name and logo are registered marks of Morningstar, Inc. (Definition of methodology from the, cambridge Academic Content Dictionary, cambridge University Press) methodology.

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