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Issues Before engaging in data gathering, the researcher has secured an ethical clearance from the Ethics Committee of the unisa. The hypotheses used in testing data normality are: Ho: There is no linear relationship between variables, Ha: There is linear relationship between variables. The model provides explicit definition on and measures for the X-efficiency and scale efficiency of banks. Therefore, firms and managers choose a quiet life which result in a negative correlation between market power and managerial efficiency.

Discover the world's research 19 million members 135 million publications 700k research projects, join for free, chapter five. A Hausmann test for fixed and random effect is employed to identify the optimal model in case of rejecting the OLS model. The research follow-up for surprises rather than dismissing them, and took into consideration rival explanations and possibilities and tests if all participants have the same views about the theme/s that occur. It is concerned with the research methodology and data sources used to establish a high degree of harmony between the raw data and the researchers interpretations and conclusions. For missing records of prior year historical financial records, the National Bank of Ethiopia has an aggregate data of the industry from 1990 to the recent year which is comfortably accessible. The regression model which started with a simple regression approach to establish a relationship with concentration and profitability has subsequently improved to consider several variables.

In nur zwei Jahren steigerte der Informationsanbieter seine Visits um rund 110 Prozent. Without explicit relating of the two methods, a study will be simply a collection of multiple methods rather than a real and strong mixed methods design, even if it includes both quantitative and qualitative study (Creswell and Plano Clark, 2007). Final outcome of the entire study- the quantitative and qualitative approaches are mixed so that the integrated result provides answer to the research question of the study. More, specifically, it explains why explanatory sequential mixed methods research approach is considered appropriate for the research. Therefore, a choice for explanatory design is appropriate because the design is the best approach to use to test a theory or explanation (Morse, 1991). Recently published materials by the government like the Growth and Transformation Plan (I and II) are also exhaustively consulted in order to explore the future banking growth path as demanded by policy setters. Mehr Fans, mehr Follower, mehr Kommentare und auch die Zahl der Newsletter-Abonnenten legte krftig zu, ebenso die Nutzung der Video-Kanle.

As defined in previous section, the main objective of the study is to explore the relationship between industry concentrations with bank performance. This study also follows the approach of Berger and Hannan (1991) to test the central research question. Based on the stated inputs cost, revenue and profit efficiencies are computed. Therefore, quantitative and qualitative data should be integrated not only at the stage of results reporting, but also during the processes of data collection and analysis in order to maximize the integration of the two methods. Data for qualitative study is from the interview experience with 18 bank experts and regulatory staff. Some of the responses are"d and presented in the analysis part.

Mixed Research A mixed method study involves the collection or analysis of both quantitative and/or qualitative data in a single study in which the data are collected concurrently or sequentially, are given a priority, and involve the. Finally, the chapter defines procedural issues of the research including the timing, weighting and integration decisions of the study along with pointing considerations for ethical issues. For macro-economic data, the study utilizes publications (including the annual report) which are collected by Central Statistical Authority of Ethiopia (CSA Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA) and NBEs annual reports. In addition, it has collated informed consent from each of the banks and participants in the interview witnessing their approval of participation in the study. Therefore, with 17 years of time series data coupled with 18 banks, is assumed to provide the study with a rich input from 1988 observations. Is a measure of market concentration for given year MS is market share of bank i, xeff is a measure of cost efficiency, indicating the ability of banks to produce a given level of output at minimum cost combination, seff. Test on the control Variables from internal, external and regulatory factors All the equations are estimated using panel data regression which allows differences in behavior across individual banks or overtime.

The number of banks after 2016 however is even reduced to 17 after the government decision to amalgamate the two state owned banks into one. Therefore, the methodological choice of a researcher is determined by the philosophical assumptions about ontology/ human nature and epistemology (Collis and Hussey, 2003). First, quantitative data is first analyzed and relationship established. Implementation (Timing) Decisions The implementation aspect relates to the decision whether the quantitative and qualitative studies come in sequence (one following another or concurrently (Ivankova. Bereits im Februar 2020 richtete das Portal ein Corona-Ressort ein und erweiterte damit zur rechten Zeit das Spektrum des unabhngigen journalistischen Angebots. Validity Generally, there are three key types of validity in a quantitative study:. Three middle size and three small size bank managers are interviewed. External Validity (Transferability)- emphasizes the generalization of the research findings. The DEA model is a methodology for analysis of the relative efficiency for multiple inputs and outputs by evaluation of all decision-making units (DMUs) (Charnes. It is performed through drawing a meaningful explanation on the pertinent subject from the responses of the banking experts.

Therefore, as in any mixed-methods design, the issues of priority, implementation and integration of the quantitative and qualitative approaches should be clearly stated (Creswell and Plano Clark, 2007). The study also has diverse opinion on the central and subsidiary research questions from the perspectives of both bankers and the regulators. Under the circumstances, the researcher had to consider another option of data collection, that is, using secondary data that have been disclosed by banks and other concerned entities. The previous similar quantitative empirical studies have utilized most commonly used measures depending on publicly accessible data and the context of the country of study. A panel data set contains n entities or subjects, each of which includes t observations measured through t time period. In addition, the required tests such as panel unit root test are employed to test for stationarity of the panel and time series variables. The study has taken inputs from the interested participants only and explained participants right to withdraw at any time when felt inconvenience of participation. A wurde ein zweiter Podcast erfolgreich gelauncht. Therefore, it can be inferred from the above that clearly stating the demographic of the variables and research questions used to collect data and the coding techniques should be explained clearly.

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