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Master Thesis - English translation Linguee

Masterarbeit - English translation Linguee

A project presentation. Teaching and learning methods, the master thesis is usually written during the third and fourth semesters of the Masters programme. Passing as Jewish: The Material Consequences of Race and the Property of Whiteness in Late Twentieth-Century Passing Novels (2017 Mullis). Skills, the graduate is able to work independently and in the long term on solving problems based on his/her knowledge of the discipline. Ects Credits 60, level of Study, master, teaching semester, spring and autumn. Eliot through Tolkien: Estrangement, Verse Drama, and the Christian Path in the Modern Era (2017 Reynolds). Citizen and Percival Everetts, erasure (2018 Razak echoes Inhabit the Garden: The Music of Poetry and Place.S. The Murmure and the Cherles Rebellying: Poetic and Economic Interpretations of the Great Revolt of 1381 (2019 Noell). A Discourse and Statistical Approach to Intersections of Gender and Race in Melvilles. Forms of Assessment, selected topics must be passed before examination.

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Students are expected to participate actively in their discipline's work-in-progress seminars by presenting their own work and by taking part in discussions about others' presentations. Is able to engage with and critically assess theories, methods and interpretations within the discipline. Werewolves: The Outsider on the Inside in Icelandic and French Medieval Literature (2018 Modugno). Illustrating adolescent awareness: Teaching historical injustices and promoting agency through picture books in secondary classrooms, Melissa Hoak, pDF. A discussion of another student's chapter draft. Will have gained basic knowledge of central problems and methodologies in the selected discipline. Compulsory Assignments and Attendance. The final examination for the Master degree (i.e.

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Cannibalism in contact narratives and the evolution of the wendigo, Michelle Lietz, pDF. The subject for discussion at the oral examination is the student's Master's thesis. Programme Committee The Program Board is responsible for the academic content and structure of the study program, and for the quality of all the subjects therein. Course Coordinator Programme Board for English Course Administrator The Department of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Humanities has the administrative responsibility for the course and the study programme. Troubling Vice: Stigma and Subjectivity in Shakespeares Ambitious Villains (2019 Simonson). Verbal Hygiene on the Radio: An Exploration into Perceptions of Female Voices on Public Radio and How They Reflect Language and Gender Ideologies within American Culture (2017 Barrett). Work-in-progress seminar As part of the Master's thesis, students hold three approved presentations at the Department's work-in-progress seminars for Master students:. Likewise, all obligatory requirements must be met before examination.

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Can express problems, analyses and conclusions within the student's selected discipline in English. Harmonized by the earth: Land, Landscape, and Place in Emily Bronts. Reconstructing Asian American masculinity in Gene Luen Yangs American Born Chinese, Hyun-Joo Yoo, theses/Dissertations from. Can contribute to discourse in the public arena in areas relevant to the discipline. A draft of a chapter of the Master's thesis,. Beyond Mourning: Afro-Pessimism in Contemporary African American Fiction (2018 Huggins).

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Parody and the pen: Pippi Longstocking, Harriet. Will have gained broad knowledge of the field in general and detailed knowledge of a limited subfield. Wuthering Heights (2018 Bevin) (Re)membering the Subject: Nomadic Becoming in Contemporary Chicano/a Literature (2018 Voelkner). Is capable of carrying out a limited supervised research project in accordance with the relevant research-ethical norms. A supervision contract outlining the rights and responsibilities of the student is signed by the student, supervisor, and department administration. Towards Self-Defined Expressions of Black Anger in Claudia Rankines. Assessment Semester Examination in ENG350 is offered in the spring and autumn semesters.

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Examination Support Material None Grading Scale The Department uses a grading scale ranging from A. Models of Claim, Resistance, and Activism in the Novels of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Hays, and Frances Burney (2017 Smith). F is a failing grade. Larson PDF Only a body who nobody owns: Adolescent identity in Neil Gaimans The Graveyard Book, Aleesa Marie Millet PDF Blood money: The commodification of menstrual education in the United States, Meghan Radosevic PDF A study of vowels. Students using a fifth or sixth semester to write their Master's thesis have the right to feedback on a single full and final draft of their thesis if submitted to the supervisor no later than two weeks before the desired final submission deadline.

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Players in a storm: Climate and political migrants in The Tempest and Othello, Darcie Rees, pDF, reclaiming racial/ethnic identity. King Lear and, titus Andronicus : (2020 Harrington more Forms and Stranger: Queer Feminism and the Aesthetic of Sapphic Camp (2020 Kennedy). Before starting work on the Master's thesis, it is recommended that the student has achieved 60 credits in Selected topics in English linguistics and/or English literature/culture. Thel to Dreamscapes of Influence (2019 Gallo). Select semester Department of Foreign Languages Reading lists Class of fall 2020 Class of spring 2021. Typee (2020 Post prophetic Un-speaking: The Language of Inheritance and Original Sin. If a student takes more than two semesters to complete the Master's thesis, supervision will be reduced. Is capable of using the ICT tools which are necessary in order to carry out independent work within the discipline. Reading List - Course Evaluation The course will be evaluated in accordance with the quality assurance system of the University of Bergen.

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