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in 3 product segments: (i) General segment may include 3 or more product. Vision and Mission - Vision: Producing, processing and delivering large volume of coffee with best quality and other side line products to the market and stand first among the rivals engaged in the sector via increasing its market share sustainability. Why are some firms more successful than the others in their export operations. The core product is a refreshing soft drink with a unique taste and 35 less sugar and kilojoules, sweetened with stevia as a natural source. To have internet access does not coevally mean to use it regularly.

Analysis of Ethiopian Coffee Mix Marketing Strategy Earlier studies show that majority (41.9) of the coffee trading companies in Ethiopia uses all 4Ps of marketing mix element. The extent to which cooperatives and private, including previous Ethiopian Grain Trade Enterprise (egte) now named Ethiopia Trading Business Corporation ( ) and state farms, play a role in coffee exports from Ethiopia. For example, as shown in Figure 4, in 2008, producers of Washed Arabica Coffee received approximately 5 of the final US20 per lb retail price. PPC 7 International Sales Increase with SEM 8 Conclusions and Critical Appraisal.1 Conclusions.2 Critical Appraisal, glossary, bibliography, list of Abbreviations, appendices 1 Introduction. Conclusion, references, what to achieve? For instance in 2015/16, Brazil stands first for world coffee exports, which account for about 28 percent of the total exports, followed by Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Honduras taking 24, 10, 7, and 4 percent of world exports consequently.

Illustration not visible in this excerpt Figure 1: swot analysis of Coca Cola Life Sources: MarketLine (2015 Bhasin (n.d.) Appropriate strategies were derived from the swot analysis to reduce the most important weaknesses and risks, such as product. It is recommended that the ingredients should be mostly organic and the sugar should be completely removed in order to satisfy customer needs and wants. Given its significant contribution in the national export earning, the unit serves the interest of Ethiopian coffee producer and coffee buyers by exporting coffee studying to assess coffee marketing strategy and practice. Launching of new export promotion strategy. For a company that sells that good it is crucial to appear on those three pages (better on the first otherwise there is only a slight chance that people buy that product from its online shop and hence revenues are lost. Introduction of Ethiopian Coffee. Conversely, below-the-line advertising reaches fewer people but is more selective about its audience. Consequently, only a little over 26 percent of the total export earnings is contributed by coffee during the year of 2011 (fdre, 2011). It also generate competitor past, present and most importantly future strategy.

A relevant text ad with a link to a company page is displayed when the user of a search engine types in a specific phrase also referred as to keywords. Below-the-line advertising campaigns include direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogs, and targeted search engine marketing. Understanding Below-the-Line Advertising, below-the-line advertising seeks to reach consumers directly, instead of casting a wide net to reach mass audiences. The internet is also used for gaining information about certain goods. Following this increases in world demand for coffee, volume exported by different countries is expanding.

Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Belgium, Spain, France and Sudan are the major importers of the Ethiopian Arabica coffee. Distribution of Value for Washed Arabica Coffee by Actor, Ethiopia 2007/8 Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Source: Light Years IP, 2011; usaid, 2010b Coffee Marketing Strategy in Ethiopia The Ethiopia Trading Business Corporation has been engaged in exporting. The term search engine optimisation, brief SEO, stands for a measure which is used to achieve a better position within the editorial result-pages of search engines, as these generate a better traffic (stream of visitors to a webpage). Data extracted on 3rd February 2009. Therefore the marketing theory has been implemented and assumptions have been made on the basis of this report. 2.2 Definition of Pay per Click - PPC Pay per click is a term for paying as a website operator a predefined fee for every visitor of the website (cp.

2 Definition of Online Marketing, this chapter is to explain the main terms used in this report. Figure 3: Percentage of individuals who ordered goods or services over the Internet for private use in 2008 illustration not visible in this excerpt Source: Eurostat, Information society statistics (2009). Therefore, relating to the PLZ Coke Life is currently in the growth stage as it continues to increase sales and persuade consumers to choose their product over similar products (The Coca-Cola Company 2014; Solomon. For a better understanding first the generic term online marketing will be explained and also its subtopic search engine marketing, which is divided into search engine optimisation and pay per click. The actual product is a glass bottle with a brown liquid inside and a green label with a small leaf logo. The reason for this is that those links are deemed to be a vote. The multitude of related websites handicaps the chance to guide potential customers to ones own homepage. The Netherlands rank second with 90 and Norway ranks third with 89 (see appendix 2). In addition this report is limited by the available timeframe and the fact that not all company information was made available for the product Coke Life. Due to the inadequacy of global input-output data for the coffee industry, it is difficult to get precise figures on shares of value-added contributed at each stage of production.

The fourth chapter explains how a website can be optimised to be ranked at the first page of a search engine result page. This report also aims to develop innovative recommendations to help to improve the marketing strategy for Coke Life by using various marketing theories. The purpose of the report is to deliver a marketing analysis of the product Coca Cola Life (Coke Life based on a print. Onsite-optimisation covers all optimisation methods which can be carried out directly on ones own homepage and which cannot be influenced by external factors. Key Takeaways, below-the-line advertising is an advertising strategy where products are promoted in media other than mainstream radio or television. Thereby the focus is on the product, price and promotion. The key decision companies have to make in terms of their export marketing strategy is the level of standardization or adaptation of each element to the local conditions (Douglas and Craig, 1989). For the last several years its relative predominance in the export sector is decreasing because of increased contribution of other agricultural products like horticulture and floriculture.

It serves the interest of Ethiopian coffee producer and coffee buyers by exporting coffee. Coke Life is a carbonated soft drink with a combination of sugar and stevia leaf extract as sweeteners manufactured by KO (The Coca-Cola Company 2015). Thus, cost savings can be made through the rationalisation of advertising (Wegrzyn 2015). To be on the top rung of the search engine results it is important to optimise the sites of a website optimally of the search engines ranking algorithms (a search engine method which determines the relevance of appropriate. There are synonyms for search engine optimisation which are frequently used like web-promotion, web-optimisation or web-ranking (cp. Marketing Strategy Overview Marketing is the process of planning production, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals, cited in Kotler, 2003).

Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Figure 2: Framework of Marketing Strategy Source: Adopted from Roger Brooks bank, 1994,.1014. Thereby, statements on sales potential of the product, the behaviour of competitors, the earning positions of the product and typical activities, like advertisement and price reductions, can be made over a specific period of time (Ku Kleinaltenkamp 2011). That is way search engine marketing is an efficient way to attract potential customer with a very low waste circulation. The aim of the company is to differentiate their own product towards competitors for their target group and to reach a better identification of potential and existing customers (Ku Kleinaltenkamp 2011). Given its significant contribution in the national export earning, and to serves the interest of Ethiopian coffee producer and coffee buyers, the Ethiopia Trading Business Corporation must design marketing strategy plan for five years to be competitive in the exporting sector. Katsikeas (2000) identified two main groups of explanatory variables of export performance: background variables and intervening variables. Method: Analyzing information collected from: (i internet and mass media; and (ii) From different Website. Raw Coffee /Supply a Variety of Raw Coffee to the Market/ Specific Area Brand Coffee There are a wide range of product exports different types of coffee for local and international market. Of course, there's no perfect marketing tool that works each and every time. With 90 Iceland and the Netherlands rank first, followed by Luxembourg with 87 (see appendix 1).

This report deals primarily with search engine marketing in short SEM. The changing governance dynamics in the global market have increased opportunities for developing country producers to engage directly with roasters in the regular coffee segment and to benefit from increased interactions with buyers regarding issues of quality production and price. Today it is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and its current CEO is Muhtar Kent (Coca Cola Deutschland 2015 The Coca-Cola Company 2015). Describe the general situation of Ethiopian coffee market. If somebody intends to buy a certain good online, in most instances he types in the desired good into a search engine and looks through two and maybe three result pages before giving up and refining the search.

Recommendations have been made to suggest that a more sustainable view of Coca-Cola Life and its environment could potentially increase market share and future profits. Usually the price of a 600ml bottle of Coca-Cola Life is around.50 which is positioned above the price of the direct competitor Pepsi True. Above all, it is designed for those who would like to drink a reduced calorie Coke with a sweetener of natural origin. Each segment may have its own price range. Since 2014 the product has been introduced to further markets such as the United States, Great Britain and Germany. Below-the-Line Advertising, above-the-line advertising is designed to reach mass audiences.

Special attention should be paid to the recycling system. With regard to the promotion of Coca-Cola Life the Coca-Cola Company uses different ways to communicate the product whereby campaigns that wake emotions are currently at a premium. 3.1 Three Layers of Coca-Cola Life The three layers, which identify the consumers needs and wants of a product, are the core product, actual product and augmented product (Solomon. Contents, what to achieve? If the text of these links is always pretty similar the chances are even higher to achieve a good positioning on the ranking results (cp. Advantages of Below-the-Line Advertising, lower costs are arguably the biggest advantage of below-the-line advertising. People are not searching for a specific product they are not interested.

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