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, the problem is most likely a broken or a very slow Internet connection. Note that since January 2015 the multi-track version is no more included in the free license. You can merge the two accounts into a single one, for details see the article on account management. In this case if you log in using one of the accounts, you will not see data from another account. AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. A not associated with your account. If you have more than one submission, you will see the menu tab "My Submissions". If you follow such a link and the conference acronym is not there, you should inform the organizers. View live streams of all symposia throughout the meeting and receive free OnDemand recordings of symposia, abstracts, etc.

After you add this email address as your alternative address EasyChair will also recognise you as a PC member. Again, if this happens you should contact the conference organizers. Note: OnDemand recordings and/or live stream requires additional fees. You can read more in the article on single-track and multi-track models. It is not unusual that conference organizers put a wrong link to the conference EasyChair page on their conference Web page. Likewise, if you have more than one track and delete all tracks but one, your conference will automatically become single-track.

First of all, you should log in to the right conference. Repeated Login Prompts Q I click on links but EasyChair repeatedly brings me to the login page. The symposia and sessions will stream live. Check the email address used by EasyChair to inform you that you were added to the programme committee and add this email address to your account as your alternative address. If subreviewer is not among these roles, then the review request is either expired or deleted. You will have to fill out information about your submission and possibly upload some files. One-day virtual registration is not available. To solve the problem you can do any of the following: Add, a as your alternative email address (recommended Ask the chair or the co- author to update your email address. Matters Arising, registered Reports.

If this happens and you believe this is a mistake, you should contact the conference organizers. Note: Virtual registration does not permit access to the discounted nass hotel rates or attendance to the annual meeting. You'll be able to submit questions to faculty in real time and be part of the experience from wherever you are participating. If your connection was not idle for more than two hours then the problem you described is not related to EasyChair. Earn up.5. If there is no such menu tab, then the conference does not accept new submissions. If the request is there, then you are done. There also will be online content released prior to the annual meeting as well as OnDemand recordings of abstract presentations, symposia and ePosters released after the meeting. Submissions, q How can I submit a new paper? Any other article type, including the following: Any article for a Guest Edited Collection.

Multi-track and Single-track Versions Q I am a program chair and my conference uses several tracks. A is also one of your email addresses and creates a new user for that address. However, a chair can remove a conflict for any PC member on her committee by following links or remove. Review Requests Q I received a request to review a paper for a conference but cannot find this paper when I log in to this conference. If you follow a submission link from the conference Web site and see "Submission for this conference is closed the conference does not accept new submissions.

If the paper is submitted successfully, it will appear on your menu when you are logged in as an author. If nothing else works, you can contact conference chairs, they can always submit on your behalf. Attend that days education sessions and technical exhibition (closed Saturday). Please do not ask us to submit a paper for you: we never interfere in conference management and never change data for a conference. User Accounts, q I have an EasyChair account but cannot access my data for a conference (or cannot access my paper submitted to a conference). If this happens, EasyChair does not understand that. A First of all, you should enable cookies on your browser. Q Has my paper been accepted? A Since October 2011 the conversion between single-track and multi-track versions is automatic.

The submission form and file uploads are configured by the conference chairs. Come to the In-Person Meeting in Boston. EasyChair identifies users using cookies. As soon as you create a second track, your conference automatically becomes multi-track. To submit a new paper you should click on the menu tab "New Submission".

A Ask chair of your conference. If you have a single submission for this conference (say with number 27 you will see a menu tab "Submission 27". If not, then the review request is either expired or deleted. It can also be deleted by the program committee member who sent you this request. Select the day that works for you. It will show you all the roles you have for this conference.

Please read the article on email addresses for more details. One-Day, In-Person Registration, unable to Attend In Person? AThere are two possible causes for this problem. For example, if the acronym of the conference is lpar 30, and you are logged in as an author, then you will see lpar 30 ( author ) in that corner. If you find out that the request is expired or deleted but you are going to write a review, you should contact the program committee member who sent you the review request. Since the system cannot recognise you as a PC member, the email address entered by the chairs does not belong to your account.

If you use a single-track version, use Administration- Add Track to add a new track. If you could log in as a subreviewer, you will find all currently active review requests under the menu tab "Review requests". FAQ, this article contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). general In-Person Registration, cant Attend the Entire Meeting? For more details read the article on email addresses. When another person (e.g., a programme chair or your co- author ) enters your data in EasyChair she or he may specify as your email address an address. Chat with colleagues during continental breakfasts, beverage breaks and lunches. If you see the "New Submission" tab, click on it and follow the instructions.

The conference acronym is always displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, followed by your current role for this conference. . If author is not among these roles, then the conference does not accept new submissions. You can switch between the roles of a PC member and an author by changing role. A research article ( unless its being submitted to a Guest Edited Collection). You will have access to all education sessions (Wednesday-Saturday) and the worlds largest technical exhibition.

Register for the Virtual Meeting. A There are several common submission problems described below. A An ordinary PC member cannot do this since otherwise he would easily get access to information on any paper. He or she can restore the request. A What happens is the following. If you successfully logged in to your conference but the role displayed is different from subreviewer, you should follow the menu tabs conference acronym - Change role. (No lunch Saturday.) Depending on the day, youll earn. Please consider informing your system administrators or Internet provider. Come for the Day. Chairs are the only people who can help you with paper submission.

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