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are assigned to patients to provide all their nursing care. A Patchwork Paraphrase Chase (1995) describes how nurses in a critical care unit function in a hierarchy that places designated experts at the top and the least senior staff nurses at the bottom. Notice how a transitional phrase also serves to connect the"tion smoothly to the introductory statement. They are the most experienced of all the staff nurses. Jede Quelle muss auerdem im Literaturverzeichnis vollstndig und korrekt angefhrt werden. Deutsche Zitierweise, im Unterschied zu den beiden anderen Methoden wird bei dieser Methode mit Funoten gearbeitet. Beispiel fr die deutsche Zitierweise: 1 Maier, Thomas: Buchtitel,. You may need to go through this process several times to create a satisfactory paraphrase. 11 Symbol report for erbb2.

The method below is not only a way to create a paraphrase but also a way to understand a difficult text. The signal can also come after the assertion, again with a connecting word or phrase: Illness was rarely a routine matter in the nineteenth century assertion. Org, abgerufen. . Erwhnst du in einem Absatz jedoch Meinungen oder Theorien unterschiedlicher Autoren, musst du die Quellenangabe an das jeweilige Satzende stellen. Semicolons and colons Place outside of closing"tion marks (or after a parenthetical citation). Die Quelle wird hier direkt nach dem Zitat in Klammer angegeben. Focusing on specific people rather than abstractions will make your paraphrase more this stage, you might also break up long sentences, combine short ones, expand phrases for clarity, or shorten them for conciseness, or you might do this in an additional step. Even if the student-writer had acknowledged Chase as the source of the content, the language of the passage would be considered plagiarized because no"tion marks indicate the phrases that come directly from Chase. In general, factual information contained in multiple standard reference works can usually be considered to be in the public domain.

Informationen aus dem Internet (Wikipedia, etc.). 7 Trastuzumab kann auch in Kombination mit dem monoklonalen Antikrper Pertuzumab und Docetaxel verabreicht werden. Im Anschluss reicht ein Kurzbeleg. Unless your assignment is to do a formal or literal paraphrase, you usually don? Direktes Zitat: Text Text Text Text (Autor, Erscheinungsjahr, Seite).B. Longer prose"tions Begin longer"tions (for instance, in the APA system, 40 words or more) on a new line and indent the entire"tion (i.e., put in block form with no"tion marks at beginning or end. Mothering was defined by economic status, and among the poor, a mothers foremost responsibility was not to stimulate her childrens minds or foster their emotional growth but to provide food and shelter to meet the basic requirements for physical survival. Zusammenfassung der Merkmale des Arzneimittels, epar der EMA, abgerufen.

How to" a Source Introducing a"tion One of your jobs as a writer is to guide your reader through your text. The nurse manager, nurse clinician, and clinical nurse specialist are the designated experts. Field-specific common knowledge is common only within a particular field or specialty. S/he does not directly care for patients but does follow unusual or long-term cases. Read the text you want to paraphrase several times until you feel that you understand it and can use your own words to restate it to someone else. In this case, the focus of the paper is the effect of economic status on children at the turn of the century, so the writer begins with children: Children of the poor at the turn of the century received little. Werden Teile des Textes ausgelassen, so ist das durch Klammern und Auslassungspunkte. The clinical nurse specialist also orients new staff, mostly by formal teaching. MAP-Kinase-Weg und hemmt den programmierten Zelltod (Apoptose) ber den mTOR -Signalweg. Stortecky S, Suter TM: Insights into cardiovascular side-effects of modern anticancer therapeutics.

Download this Handout PDF, college writing often involves integrating information from published sources into your own writing in order to add credibility and authoritythis process is essential to research and the production of new knowledge. (Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster, 1993 888. Band 27, 15_suppl,. . 1, Januar 2011, issn,. . Unsuccessful paraphrases Paraphrasing is often defined as putting a passage from an author into your own words.

Autor/in Jahr, Seitenzahl bei indirekten Zitaten. Indirektes Zitat: Text Text Text Text (Autor, Erscheinungsjahr, Seite).B. Auch hier: tipp: Besprich immer mit deinem Betreuer welche Zitierweise bzw. Das Ergebnis wird blicherweise in folgender Skala ausgedrckt: 0 negativ, keine berexpression 1 schwache Reaktion, keine berexpression 2 mig starke Reaktion, schwache berexpression 3 starke Reaktion, starke berexpression, ein therapeutischer Ansatz ergab sich aus folgender berlegung: Wenn es gelnge, mit. Penault-Llorca F, Bilous M, Dowsett M,. Shared Language Perhaps youve noticed that a number of phrases from the original passage appear in the legitimate paraphrase: critical care, staff nurses, nurse manager, clinical nurse specialist, nurse clinician, resource nurse. If you use an authors specific word or words, you must place those words within"tion marks and you must credit the source. 2007 Jul 5;357(1 39-51. Eigene erklrende Anmerkungen, Sinnergnzungen oder Einschbe im Zitat werden ebenfalls mittels eckiger Klammer mein Kommentar markiert.

As connection Ross observes signal, Maternal thinking about childrens health revolved around the possibility of a childs maiming or death (p. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 140,600 times. This will lead naturally to some changes in wording. Die Therapie mit Trastuzumab wird nach verschiedenen Protokollen, zum Beispiel ber ein Jahr mit dreiwchentlichen Gaben, durchgefhrt und insgesamt gut vertragen. The informed writer: Using sources in the disciplines (5th ed). Poor or working class, Working for and organizing household subsistence, or The emotional and intellectual nurture.

Schreibst du aber beispielsweise einen ganzen Absatz auf Grundlage einer fremden Meinung oder Theorie, kannst du die Quelle am Ende des Absatzes anfhren. The difference is that the phrases in the legitimate paraphrase are all precise, economical, and conventional designations that are part of the shared language within the nursing discipline (in the too-close paraphrases, theyre red only when used within a longer borrowed phrase). Abgeschrieben wird, ist mit Anfhrungszeichen ( ) zu kennzeichnen. As with any extended (indented)"tion, do not use"tion marks unless you need to indicate a"tion within your"tion. Das direkte (wrtliche) Zitat, ein direktes Zitat (wrtliches Zitat) eignet sich hauptschlich fr Definitionen. 14481457, doi :.1016/j.ejca.2012.10.018 ( m abgerufen. . You do not need to cite a source for material considered common knowledge: General common knowledge is factual information considered to be in the public domain, such as birth and death dates of well-known figures, and generally accepted dates of military. The phrases democratic fairness and encouraging consensus are already in"tion marks in Dahls sentence. 9) we expect mothers to provide today.

The phrases in red are directly copied from the source or changed only slightly in form. Change the words Use synonyms or a phrase that expresses the same meaning. The nurse clinician orients new staff, develops policies, and provides support where needed. Wie du diese Schema anwendest, zeigen wir die mit den folgenden beiden Zitaten. Luca Albarello, Lorenza Pecciarini, Claudio Doglioni: HER2 Testing in Gastric Cancer.

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