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What is the difference between cumulative dissertation and
doctoral degrees a cumulative dissertation can be submitted only in a subject field of the geosciences / geography upon request to the doctoral committee. Background information about desserts, recipes, ingredients, and. The structure of a contribution chapter is as follows Introduction A copy of the original article The introduction includes how the chapter fits into the story, where in the story the reader is, and what is discussed.

Remaining challenges for our example are How to create similar brownies with different flavors? In addition, a cumulative thesis must include a roughly 25-page exposition which illustrates the contextual links between the various papers and shows that their contents are indicative of a broader knowledge of the subject. This declaration has to be signed for each listed publication by your supervisor and one co-author. So I suggest to create a decent version of that chapter first before moving on to the contribution chapters. Co-authors should not be proposed for review (As an exception the mentor maybe possible). But at least try. The doctoral candidate must be the lead author of at least one of the papers.

Higher quality almond butter can be produced through the use of dedicated fridge as described in my most recent article. Im Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaften, der Technischen Fakultt, sowie im Fachbereich Theologie ist eine kumulative Dissertation und somit auch eine kumulative Promotion ausgeschlossen. For example Can we change the flavor of cacao powder to change the whole flavor of the brownies? What do almonds and butter have in common? So check your articles and your story, and see what is possible and what is not. Sie setzt mindestens drei in hochrangigen wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften publizierte oder zur Publikation angenommene Aufstze voraus, wobei mindestens zwei der Publikationen in Erstautorenschaft verfasst sein mssen.

3-Ingredient brownies, conclusion, note that the titles of the chapters do not necessarily need to be the same as the title of the articles. This is not needed, but do mention it if have you done something. Eine Sonderform der kumulativen Promotion im Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften ist die aufsatzbasierte Promotion. A cumulative dissertation is a collection of articles which have been published in recognised scientific journals or accepted for publication. It concludes your story and looks at what can be investigated in the future.

Almond butter 1, 2, 3, brownies! Note that not every research question needs an hypothesis. You must also include a statement about your independent research achievements in the dissertation. Try to make parts 1 - 3 as understandable as possible for people who are not part of your academic community, such as family, friends, colleagues from other departments, and. Hierbei muss mindestens eine der Publikationen in Erst- oder Hauptautorenschaft verfasst sein. These must include at least three papers which have the potential to be published in a prestigious scientific journal. Banana harvesting method, discovery of a brown magic powder.

3-Ingredient brownies, the first three contributions (ingredients) are used in the fourth and final contribution (recipe). Identify articles and contributions, identify the articles that make up your dissertation and identify the main contributions of these articles. It is your story after all Good luck! Ideally, every research question should also have an hypothesis, which might already be in the original article or that is newly created for the dissertation. Promotionsfchern Digital Humanities, Psychologie, Psychogerontologie, Pdagogik, Sportwissenschaft, Theaterpdagogik und Wirtschaftswissenschaften zulssig.

Please ask the dean's office in time, at least 15 weeks before the desired examination date, when the dissertation and the further required documents must be submitted. For co-authored papers, the authorship of the individual parts of the publication must be clearly stated and confirmed in writing by the candidate and co-authors. But check if they need rephrasing to fit your story. Part 6 contains two lists: one list with the main articles of the dissertation and a list with all publications you (co-)authored during your PhD. It happens to all of us, especially when there are four years between the first and last article. In my case I had a more exploratory article without a research question.

This website uses cookies to optimize your browser experience. My PhD dissertation is a cumulative one and in this blog post I describe its structure and things to pay attention to when writing your own. If you have articles without a research question, create one that both fits the story and the work described in the article. It should indicate which parts of the publications were achieved and written by you yourself. Die genaue Mindestanzahl der notwendigen Publikationen sowie weitere Kriterien fr eine vorschriftsgeme kumulative Promotion sind von Fakultt zu Fakultt unterschiedlich geregelt. Sie setzt mindestens drei Artikel voraus, die das Potential haben, in einer hochrangigen wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschrift verffentlicht zu werden. Note that the content of the original article can be adjusted, for example, to Rephrase the research questions and hypotheses.

A framework text of at least 45,000 characters must also be submitted, illustrating the contextual links between the various papers and demonstrating that their contents are indicative of a broader knowledge of the subject. What was already done by you regarding these challenges. Structure, the structure of your dissertation looks as follows (in chapters Introduction, chapter about contribution. Special conditions apply to essay-based theses at the School of Business, Economics and Society. Considering that we have four articles/contributions in our example, its structure looks like this: Introduction, how to better harvest bananas, discovery of a brown magic powder. These programmes require at least three papers to have been published or accepted for publication in reputable academic journals and the candidate must be the lead author for at least two of the publications. Challenges that are tackled in the dissertation. If that is the case: nice, you can reuse them! Mindestens einer der Aufstze ist in Erstautorenschaft zu verfassen. Ingredient: cacao powder, ingredient: almond butter, recipe: 3-Ingredient brownies, conclusion, or "the story of your PhD".

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